Sunday, March 9, 2008

The night before.....

Here are pictures from the night before the challenge.....well not really the night before as much as the fact that I started the challenge right at midnight...but wanted to party a bit before.

I swear I was sober when this happened:

Party People!!!

The birthday kettle of booze:

The birthday challenge photos to follow soon!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Aftermath

Sorry for the delay, but here are the results. I accomplished everything, except the 24 David Bowie covers on violin and raising $240 for the Access Fund. I was able to raise $86 while playing violin at Planet Granite, but I pledge to put in the other $154 myself. For body needs to recover and details of the day to follow soon.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

It begins....

To be honest, I'm kind of trashed while I make this post.

All at the Old Pro in downtown Palo Alto
24 Hugs (Thank you to my housemate Ashley Ellis for going around with me to talk to people and making me less look like a creeper!)
20 Situps
30 Push-ups

Outside above the crosswalk sign
10 pull-ups

In the pouring rain:
21 mile bike ride from Palo Alto to home in San Jose

At Home:

40 Situps
1 Phone call to friend
20 push-ups

P.S. I feel the hangover coming on

Friday, January 25, 2008

Here's the tentative schedule:

Saturday, January 26th
8:00pm-midnight: Party it up in Palo Alto

Sunday, January 27th
~Midnight or so: Start hugging random people. Start on fritters. Jump on my bike and ride home (approx 20 miles)

8:00am: Push-ups, sit-ups, hydration, fritters, Zissou warmups
9:00am: To the driving range (Pruneridge Golf Club) Mind you hopefully, they have a club I can borrow.
10:00am: Drive to SCU. Start doing laps in the pool.
11:00am: Meet my dad and sister in the gym lobby for ping-pong.
12:00pm: Drive to Planet Granite Sunnyvale. Break out the violin and start romancing the climbers. Try to raise money for Access Fund.
1:00pm: Boulder problems, routes, and weights.
4:00pm: Dance Dance Revolution at Sunnyvale Golfland.
5:00pm: Head home. Do some running. Push car 24 yds. Balance board if my legs don't feel like rubber.
6:00pm: Head to mini golf at Lunar Golf at the Great Mall.
7:00pm: Sushi dinner. Maybe more shots??
8:00pm: Bowling at Mission Lanes.
9:00pm: Celebration at Revolution Cafe with some Mozart Chamber Music.

I'll try to squeeze in push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, shots, fritters, phone calls, etc. wherever I can in transition.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rain Plan:

9. 24 Holes of Indoor Mini Golf at the Great Mall.
13. 24 Minutes on one of those Board and Cylinder balance thingamabobs
19. 120 points of Ping Pong

Everything else I'll do in the rain.

P.S. It looks like UPS can't ship my David Bowie music anthology till monday....we'll see what I come up with to resolve this issue.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Challenge

Here's the list:
  1. 24 Sets of Team Zissou Warm-ups
  2. 24 Boulder Problems
  3. 24 Routes
  4. 2.4 Mile Run
  5. 24 Mile Road Bike
  6. 2.4 Apple Fritters
  7. 12 Shots of various Liquors (it was going to be 24, but I didn't want to die)
  8. 24 Frames of Bowling (no gutter balls)
  9. 24 Holes of Miniature Golf (no more than 6 strokes on any hole)
  10. 24 Songs on Dance Dance Revolution
  11. 2400 lbs. of Weights to Lift
  12. 24 Laps in the Pool
  13. 24 Minutes on the Slackline
  14. 24 David Bowie Covers on Violin
  15. 24 Random Hugs
  16. 24 Pull-ups
  17. 240 Sit-ups
  18. 240 Push-ups
  19. 24 Games in Tennis
  20. 24 Golf balls hit at least 75 yds. at the Driving Range (i've only been to a driving range twice)
  21. 24 Calls to Friends, Saying Something Nice
  22. 24 Yards, Pushing a Car
  23. 24 Pieces of Sushi
  24. $240 Raised for the Access Fund

Rain Plan to Follow.

P.S. This is going to hurt

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Why spend your birthday getting trashed at a japanese restaurant where you can do sake bombs while standing on your chair with a fog machine going off in the background, when you can start off another year of your life pushing your limits???? I look to for inspiration.

P.S. Getting trashed at the japanese restaurant is happening the day before my birthday. January 26th, Miyake's, Palo Alto, 8:00pm.